Our 'Clapas' and 'Caravettes' rooms welcome you with their bright, air conditioned environment.
Several formulae are available: half day, study day, residential, customized.
Fully fitted: HD, cable, internet and Wi-Fi, ceiling projectors, flipcharts, drinks dispenser, coffee breaks and breakfast on the terrace
  • Modular and communicating conference / seminar rooms
  • Very bright and air-conditioned spaces, fully equipped.
  • Our Caravette and Clapas Rooms (25 to 70m²) can accommodate up to 60 people.
  • Catering on site or at our partner restaurants only a few steps from the hotel.
  • Several formulae are available: half day, study day, semi-residential, customized.
  • Working room for private meetings (up to 6 people)

Since January 2014, to relieve work-related stress or simply to add a touch of wellbeing to your events, we offer chair massages, a moment of relaxation and toning (the Thai approach, Yang) or relaxation (Korean approach, Yin).

Using an ergonomic chair and with a qualified masseur, this massage is undertaken fully dressed (duration 15 or 20 min., details on request).

These massages enable you to quickly reconnect with yourself and your environment (anti-stress, decision-making, loosening up, deep relaxation ...).